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Poster for Maricopa Community Colleges Student Art Competition

October 19th, 2011 | No Comments

A new poster, based upon one of my recent paintings, will soon be circulating throughout the 10 campuses of Maricopa Community Colleges (MCC), promoting the college system’s 26th Annual League for Innovation Student Art Competition.

MCC student art competition poster
Posters for Maricopa Community Colleges’ 26th Annual League for Innovation Student Art Competition.

The poster is based upon my 2010 painting Flat Space, Imagined Place. MCC designer Janet Sieradzki used the graphics file that resulted from original digital sketches for the painting. (Since 2001, I have designed all of my paintings digitally before painting them.)

I’ve enjoyed a fruitful, collaborative relationship with Maricopa Community Colleges over the past several years. In 2004 and 2005, I designed a pair of posters for MCC’s Honors Forum Lecture Series. My art has been featured on a 2007 faculty convocation program and a collection of winning entries for a 2007-2008 student writing competition.

MCC student art competition poster
2007-2008 MCC publications featuring designs adaptated from my paintings.

Overall, I’m very happy with this new poster, and I’m very excited to see how the art competition turns out. My thanks go to Ms. Sieradzki for inviting me to share my work. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with her yet again!

Please make the 1980s go away…for once and for all.

February 19th, 2009 | 2 Comments

Face it: In terms of design, the 1980s was a wasteland. Postmodernism was cool. … And Panton went pastel, for crissakes.

But the decade’s lack of design sensibility is coming back more and more each day. And it’s bad.

Do your best: Please make the 1980s go away. Karl Lagerfeld knows what’s going on. Converse with him. Think about the future, even if it means drawing from the past. Nostalgia is an enervating pursuit.

Pride for my friends

February 12th, 2009 | No Comments

Pardon me while I brag about a friend; I’m very impressed with this. So writes Jesse “Arbito” Hibert on

“Several months ago I was approached by Nike to design a psychedelic illustration that would be used to wrap around a special limited-edition set of Danny Kass Nike Zoom Force 1 snowboarding boots. Nike liked the design so much they expanded my design to include a Jacket, shirt, posters, and an animated video.”

I therefore invite you check out the video based on Arbito’s utterly fantastic work:

Somewhere between Tom Wesselman and Peter Max: On another Hibert-related note, I’d like to share with you my gratitude for something my friend Oliver Hibert (Jesse’s cousin) was responsible for. In issue X of Beautiful Decay magazine, Oliver is featured in a four-page spread (pages 40 – 43). When asked “What other artists influence or inspire your style, Oliver discusses his family members (Jesse, his sister-in-law Snaggs Hibert, and his brother Spencer Hibert), then adds (emphasis mine):

“Some of my other favorite artists include Keiichi Tanaami, Guy Peellaert, Henry Darger, Tom Wesselman, Grant Wiggins, Heinz Edelmann, Peter Max, Dali, Roger Dean, [and] Eduardo Paolozzi, to name a handful.”

Oliver, I hope you know how much that means so much to me. Thank you.